Phase Two - Year 2

Cyan class: Alastair

Turquoise class: Liz and Kelly

Support staff: Helen, Hannah, Alison, Iona

Home Learning

Home learning has now moved to the Virtual Learning Hub.  All activities set from Monday 11th May onwards are on the hub.

Please check your emails for the username and password to the hub.

You can still access previous home learning from 7th May and earlier in the 'Previous Home Learning' section below.


6th - 10th July 

We've already had some great work sent in this week, here are some examples.

Hannah Firework art

This is Hannah from Cyan class' firework art - Hannah also received a well-deserved postcard for her work.

Axels San Fracisco

Great information poster Axel.

Shayaan gallery

Great work Shayaan in Turquoise class.

30th June - 3rd July

Well done for all the hard work this week.  Here are some great examples!

Poems Poems Poems!