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Alfred Salter Primary School


Supporting the Leadership of SEND within mainstream settings

At Alfred Salter Primary School we have founded the SEND HUB. We offer direct school to school support to other mainstream local schools around the leadership of Inclusion and SEND. 

School to School Support

The HUB aims: 

  • To provide half-termly SEND HUB Community Events - an evening dedicated to supporting SENCOs and Inclusion Leads with work priorities and troubleshooting those issues arising in individual schools
  • To open our school to visiting colleagues for SEND focused open days. An opportunity for other schools to observe our practice and to ask questions to amend their own if necessary.
  • To provide schools with a bespoke training/mentoring programme. 

Further details on this initiative can be found here: https://schools.southwark.gov.uk/partnerships

National SENCO Award: 

In the academic year of 2023-24, the SEND HUB will be facilitating the National SENCO Award in partnership with London South Teaching School Hub and University of Roehampton. To register you interest, please follow the link in the attachment at the bottom of this page. 

Colleagues have made the following comments on the Alfred Salter SEND HUB events: 

SENCOs felt able to be honest and supported by their colleagues in other schools, not competitive, and it was very practical and focused on the issues facing people right now.
It’s so useful to network with others and share ideas

HUB Community Events (Forums): 

Thursday 11th July 2024

Location: Alfred Salter Primary School - SE16 7LP

Attendance confirmation: https://forms.gle/uUstAShtNswz7yGs8

Contact Adam Bridle, Deputy Headteacher for further details on the Southwark SEND HUB or to request support for your school's SEND provision. 


The SEND HUB in 2024-25:

In the academic year of 2024-25, we will be expanding our offer to schools alongside our existing offer.

  • SEND HUB Community Event for Headteachers - following the same format as our community events for SENCOS, this space will be for Headteachers to discuss inclusion caseloads. 
  • A Peer Provision Review - an opportunity for colleagues to work on an implementation plan for change within their own setting and visit colleague's schools to improve delivery. 
  • NPQ SENCO - Details TBC 

Details will be shared here and with our network. Please make contact on the email address above to be included.