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Alfred Salter Primary School


The Governing Body provide a vital role in the strategic leadership and accountability of the school.

Some of the key functions include:

  • setting aims and objectives for the school
  • setting targets and agreeing policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • monitoring and evaluating the progress the school is making towards those aims
  • be a source of challenge and support to the Headteacher

The work of the Governing Body is undertaken by various committees and working groups, meeting throughout the year in addition to the termly Governors Meetings.  The main committees are:-

  • Curriculum and Standards
  • Resources
  • Pay

Below you will find their names along with their responsibilities:

Governors (ID 1270)



Name Date of Appointment Date term of Appointment ends  Relevant Pecuniary Interests Meeting Attendance for academic year 2022-23
Joe Lewis 24/03/2022 23/03/2026 None 4/6
Sue Whittaker 06/07/2021 05/07/2025 None 10/10
Eleanor Prestage 01/09/2016 N/A None 10/10
Kimiko Edmunds 20/04/2019 27/04/2027 None 8/8
Matt Harry 28/04/2019 27/04/2027 None 5/8

Chris Moss

01/09/2023 31/08/2027 None N/A
Floyd MacDonald 08/03/2022 08/03/2026 None 9/9
Cahina Rose Ramdane 05/07/2022 04/07/2026 None  2/6
Yaspia Salema 25/01/2024 24/01/2028 None N/A 
Eleanor Minter (Staff) 08/09/2022 31/08/2023 None 5/5
Melanie Palmer 15/03/2017 16/12/2022 None 2/3