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Alfred Salter Primary School

Wellbeing Team

We have a number of ways we support children and their families with social, emotional and mental health. We are very proud of our Wellbeing offer and some highlights are listed below: 

Our Wellbeing Team Members: 

  • Adam Bridle -  Deputy Headteacher
  • Sharon Evans - Family Support Worker
  • Sonia Litherland - SENDCO
  • Janine Stacy - Wellbeing Mentor/ ELSA
  • Lisa Ascott - ELSA
  • Lisa McCann - ELSA

What we can offer to our children: 

  • Nurture Breakfasts - An opportunity for children to start the day positively, reflect on their emotions and boost confidence. 
  • LEGO Therapy - LEGO-Based Therapy is a social development program that uses LEGO activities to support the development of a wide range of social skills within a group setting.
  • Bucket Time - A fun intervention designed to develop concentration and listening skills for our younger learners. 
  • ELSA- Emotional Literacy Support  https://www.elsanetwork.org/about/
  • Future Men initiative https://futuremen.org/
  • Personalised emotional support and friendship groups. https://www.nurtureuk.org/
  • Paper Gardens visits - A local trip to our partners at The Printworks to develop team building skills and friendship groups. https://www.globalgeneration.org.uk/paper-garden
  • Time to Talk - A robust system where children are able to post their worries in a post box in the playground and these will be addressed by our Wellbeing Mentor.
  • Calm Zone - A multi-sensory room for children that require emotional regulation time out. 

Please contact Adam Bridle, Inclusion Lead or Sharon Evans, Family Support Worker for more information.

The school promotes pupils’ personal development and welfare well. All pupils say they feel happy and safe. - Ofsted (2019)