The School Council

We are the School Council . Our job is to be the voice for the children!

We meet regularly to work on different ways to improve our school. We listen to our class mates and make sure that we represent the whole pupil voice when making changes.

In the past year, we have helped Elli, our headteacher, to design and carry out a food survey, to help to make our school meals tastier and healthier.

We have also helped to raise money for the school by helping to organise raffles and cake sales. We led the fundraising for the charity Children in Need and have also helped in our local community, with visits to the Time and Talents and Rose Court Old People's Homes. 

We also visited the Houses of Parliament, which helped us to understand how democracy works in our country! 

If you think of things we can do to make our school an even happier place, please speak to us and we will make it happen !.