School Values and Vision

The values and ethos of the school underpin all that goes on at Alfred Salter. This includes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of children as well as their development as successful learners. We are particularly keen to develop childrens' skills in, and appreciation of the Arts. At Alfred Salter Primary School we aim to...

Motivate children to:

  • apply skills and knowledge to investigations and real life situations
  • aspire to their highest potential
  • have high self esteem and achieve work of high quality
  • respect the school and other members of the community

Provide an environment which:

  • has high expectations of work and behaviour and celebrates children's achievements
  • is stimulating, challenging and happy
  • values co-operation and collaboration between staff, parents or carers and children
  • promotes equality of opportunity, acceptance and respect for others
  • recognises potential talents in all children and cultivates them
  • welcomes children with SEND and seeks to include them in the life of the school

Help children to develop:

  • intellectually, physically and socially
  • emotionally and creatively
  • morally and spiritually

Encourage children to:

  • speak confidently, discuss, initiate, question and explore
  • express themselves through the Creative Arts
  • be independent
  • be self motivated and develop a passion for learning
  • have high self esteem and be confident
  • be open minded and sensitive to the feelings of others
  • participate in sports activities within and outside the curriculum