A day in the life

In Early Years we love learning indoors and outdoors. We know that children learn best through play and therefore we provide a wide range of opportunities for children to ‘free-flow’ throughout the day as well as more structured teaching sessions. 

During free-flow children have the opportunity to play inside the classrooms and the playground. Children take part in self-directed activities which include amongst other things, dressing up, trains, lego, climbing, scooters, arts and crafts, painting, music and reading books.

In Reception, our morning consists of phonics and writing followed by fruit time and free-flow, then maths and lunch. After lunch we complete circle time and then have more free-flow until the end of the day where we have story time.

At least once a week each child is heard read and works with the teacher and nursery nurse in maths and writing. The children complete activities in their colour group. The coloured groups are: red, purple, yellow, blue and green.

Watch the video link below to find out what a day in the life of a Reception child at Alfred Salter is like. We hope you enjoy the video! 


You may want to play this game with your child. It talks about starting school.