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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Our teachers:

Garnet Class:    Jack

Crimson Class: Eleanor 

Our Class:

Year 6 is an exciting year, involving lots of hard work, but equally lots of fun! We would like to welcome parents, carers, and children to Year 6 and look forward to the year ahead.

Throughout the year we focus both on the children’s preparation for SATs and their transition to secondary school.

Our topics include: ‘Adventure Island’, ‘Friend of Foe?’, and ‘The Arts’.

SATs Week


SATs Week has come to a close and we would like to say a huge well done to all of our fantastic Year 6's.

We have been extremely impressed with your mature attitudes, teamwork and determination.


Well done,


Jack and El



Fun at Nethercott!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video
So proud of our Year 6 children making it to the top of the hill in 25 degree heat! But it was all worth it as we discovered one of the best views in Devon! Check out our photos from yesterday below: 

Greetings from Nethercott

Greetings from Nethercott 1 Sunday Roast
Greetings from Nethercott 2 Pizzas for tea
Greetings from Nethercott 3 Grooming the donkeys
Greetings from Nethercott 4 Feeding the baby calves
Greetings from Nethercott 5 Devon's Daily Miles

Year 6 Nethercott Farm Blog! Written by Teddy:


We started our journey (almost) at around 6:45, where we loaded our bags into the bottom of the coach. We waved our parents goodbye and we headed inside. However, we didn’t move a single metre before the engine started to leak and stopped working. Typical! Anyway, we had to wait for almost 3 hours before we could even return to the coach! And when we did get back inside, we waited for almost 10 HOURS before we even stepped foot on the farm; thankfully we were entertained the whole time as basically had a karaoke night up until we got there.

When we finally made it to Nethercott, we were met with a shower of welcome! Tim and Mike, who work there, showed us our dormitories, taught us some of the basic rules and let us settle in to our new home. But before that, how could I forget our first meal at the farm! It was DELICIOUS!

The past few days we have been working on the farm (my group and I mainly shovelling manure) and on Saturday specifically, we watched The Handlebars’ remake of Shakespeare’s famous story: Romeo and Juliet. Plus, we got to meet famous author and owner of Nethercott house: Michael Morpurgo.

Day 3 at Nethercott!


Day 3 at Nethercott is off to a great start! We have made bakewell tarts, cleaned out the horses and donkey stables and headed off to Bridgetown Farm on the trailer where we learnt about where our meat comes from. The children were fascinated to hear that  all of the eat they will be eating comes right from the animals they were feeding. They were pleased to know that each animal had a great life before being sent to the slaughter house.


We are about to sit down for a traditional Sunday lunch and eat the bakewell tarts made by Group 3. After lunch, we will walk off our dinner during our Sunday walk and may even get to catch some snippets of the England game! Come on England! 

Day 3 at Nethercott

Day 3 at Nethercott 1 Group 2 on Chicken Duty!
Day 3 at Nethercott 2 Learning about Cows and Bulls
Day 3 at Nethercott 3 Group 3's Bakewell Tarts
Day 3 at Nethercott 4 Cleaning out the stables for the horses and ponies

Day 2 at Nethercott

Year 6 are having a fabulous time at Nethercott Farm. Our day has been jam-packed with farm tasks, grooming the animals and we even made some butter and cheese. But best of all, we met Michael Morpurgo, one of our favourite authors, who came and chatted to the children over dinner. We took a few photos with the man himself; he asked us to take one with a serious face and one with our best smiles. We then enjoyed an open-air play of 'Romeo and Juliet' which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Check out our Day 2 photos

Check out our Day 2 photos 1 Our home for the week
Check out our Day 2 photos 2 Taking Eric for a walk to the fields
Check out our Day 2 photos 3 Nazer helps Michael Morpurgo with the raffle

Group 3 Making Butter

Still image for this video

Day 2 at Nethercott!


After an extremely long journey, we finally made it to Nethercott yesterday evening! We were greeted with a lovely wholesome supper and went to bed very tired, but happy troopers. We were up early this morning for our induction and set off for work on the farm. Some of our jobs included: general farm tasks, grooming the animals and making butter and cheese. Some of us were even lucky enough to clean out the chicken coop. Tonight we have a performance of Romeo and Juliet from one of the top theatre companies in the country. Michael Morpurgo will be joining us for the performance and he even popped in to say hello and chat to some very excited children during dinner.  


Look out for some of our photos and videos over the next few days and blogs from the children. 


Whitney and Andrew

Eric goes out to the field

Still image for this video

Year 6 Production:


Year 6 have been working hard on our production of 'Megaball'!


Below, you will find the music and script so the children can practise at home :)

SONG 1 Just An Ordinary School Guide Vocal.mp3

SONG 2 Have you heard about Megaball_ Guide Vocal.mp3

SONG 3 Rules of the game Guide Vocal.mp3

SONG 4 Sportopia Guide Vocals.mp3

SONG 5 Winning Isn't the Point.mp3

SONG 6 Ten Out of Ten Guide Vocal.mp3