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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Our teachers:

Indigo Class:      Charlotte

Amethyst Class: Carol

Sheila (Cover Supervisor)

Our routines:

P.E. -


Indigo - Outdoor

Amethyst -Indoor





Spellings will be given out on Mondays.

Spelling Tests will be on Fridays. 


Home Reading Books:

These will be changed on Monday and Friday. 


About our class:

Year One is an exciting year where we begin to explore other areas of our creative curriculum.

We enjoy lots of fun in English and Mathematics where we learn through drama and challenging practical activities.

We focus on our writing skills and expand our love for reading by taking books home to share with our parents and carers.

During Year One we enjoy participating in many subjects such as art, music, drama and P.E. The children get to express their personality and develop lifelong skills.

Throughout the year we have the opportunity to go on trips and outings to support our learning.



Week beginning 17th June 2019


This week is Health and Wellbeing week!

On Friday we have a class HIIT session in the morning. In order to be able to make the most of this session please could Indigo class arrive into school in their PE kits. They will need to bring their uniform into school so they can change afterwards.



Spellings - to be tested 21.6.19


The sounds for this week are;   ie, ew, ai,  ur










This week we are looking at measuring both length and height. We will be consolidating the language of longer, shorter, taller and smaller. Perhaps you could take a look around your environment and try to use this language when describing things e.g. the tree is taller than the fence.



As part of Health and Wellbeing week we are going to be writing reports on how to stay healthy and why it is important. 

Week beginning 3rd June 2019


Spellings - to be tested 7.6.19


The sounds for this week are;  ure  ir  au  u-e











Next week it is the phonics tests.

Please also focus on the consonant clusters, making sure these are blended together (they shouldn't be sounded separately).


Examples of these are;  str  ,  spr  ,  st  ,  bl  ,  gr  ,  gl  ,  mp  ,  nt





In Maths this week we are looking at place value and number sequences.

To help with this skill you could practice the 2, 5, and 10 times tables at home.


There are also some good online games to help:





For the next few weeks we will be learning about poetry, with a focus on seaside poetry.

Have you ever visited the seaside in Britain? What was it like? 

Try to think about your senses at the seaside - what did you smell, hear, taste, touch, and see?


Week beginning 3rd December 2018


In English we have been learning about the story Beegu. We have acted out the story, exploring the many different feelings that Beegu has throughout his journey. Beegu visited our classroom and we even got to interview him!

We have also had our first Shakespeare's Globe workshop. We learned all about the Winter's Tale story by WIlliam Shakespeare. We acted like sovereigns (it made our arms hurt when we had to hold the heavy crowns on our heads!) and we created friendship statues with our bodies. We can't wait for next week when we find out what will happen to Hermione after Leontes got "too hot, too hot!".


In Mathematics, the children have been working on addition. We have been looking at different ways to add - numicon, tens frames, objects and number lines. We have looked at addition word problems, learning different words that give us a clue that the operation is addition (total, altogether etc).


We have been working hard on learning our number bonds to 10 and 20 off by heart. Here is a link where they can practise these. Remember, if you you are doing your bonds to 10 you can use your 10 fingers to help you! 


Next week, we will be learning more about the stories Beegu and The WInter's Tale as well as developing our subtraction skills.