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Welcome to Reception


Our teachers:

Violet Class:       Judith and Alisa

Magenta Class:  Charlotte and Rachel



About our class:


Reception consists of two classes, which have adjoining classrooms with a shared outdoor area.

Our ethos is to promote opportunities for collaboration between others to develop and nurture autonomy in a safe, secure and stimulating environment. Children are encouraged to explore and extend their individual interests through a variety of enjoyable and challenging learning experiences.

The learning environment is planned for in accordance with the Early Years statutory framework as set out in the 'Development Matters in the Early Years' (September 2012).

At Alfred Salter we value and celebrate each child's unique background and experiences. We understand and recognise the importance of working together by building relationships with parents/carers as these have a positive impact on the children's learning.



Have a happy half term and we shall see you back at school on Monday 24th February 2020.







Thank you to those who were able to attend the phonics workshop last week (8.2.20). For those of you that could not attend, the presentation is saved below.


Literacy - This week we have talked about different superheroes. We have created and written about our own superheroes.


Task - Can you describe your superhero to your family? 


Phonics - We have continued building and reading CCVC words as we are finding these a little trickier. The speedreads saved below can help with this.


Maths - We have begun to add by counting on. We have been putting a number in our heads and using our fingers to count on.

e.g. 3 + 2 = 5      Put 3 in our heads and hold 2 fingers up. Say 3, point to 4 and 5 on the fingers.


Task - Can you practise this at home using numbers below 5?







Literacy - We have continued to read 'Superworm' and written instructions for making grape worms.


Task - Can you instruct a grown up to make a grape worm?


Phonics - We have been reading CCVC words such as 'clam', 'drum' and 'frog'.


Maths - We have continued to look at repeating patterns, especially looking at AAB patterns. An example of this would be; red, red, green.


Task - Could you create a repeating pattern worm? (Remember, it doesn't just have to be lines!).






Literacy - This week we have started a new book called 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson. We have found out some non-fiction facts about worms and written about these. We have also made wormeries and been hunting for worms in the school garden. 


Task - Can you describe a worm to your family? What does it look like? Where does it live? What does it eat? 


Phonics - We have begun to read some words with four sounds in them, for example 'best' and 'gulp'. We have also been reading nonsense (pseudo) words like 'blimp' and 'ipt'. 


Maths - We have been making and describing repeating patterns. We have used different objects to make our own patterns. We have even been completing vegetable prints to make patterns. 


Task - Can you make any repeating patterns using your toys at home? 






Literacy - We have just finished our recent story of Hansel and Gretel. Over the last few weeks we have been using some drama techinuques such as magic canvas, soundscape and story whoosh to help us immerse ourselves further into the story.


Task - Can you describe the woodland setting?


Phonics - We have started to recognise that sometimes 2 letters make 1 sound. The examples we have learned are; ll, ff, zz, ss


Maths - Recently, we have been looking at shapes - both 2D and 3D shapes. As part of this, we have been on shape hunts around the school.


Task - Can you name shapes in your environment?






We have been preparing some Christmas gifts this week and hope you like them.


Have a very

Merry Christmas

and a

Happy New Year!


We look seeing you on Tuesday 7th January 2020.






Literacy - This week we have been reading different versions of the nativity story. We have talked about the ways the versions are similar or different.


Task: Can you retell the nativity story to someone at home?


Phonics - We have been securing our knowledge of our newer sounds (j, w, z).


Maths - We have been using the iPads to complete repeating patterns using the website Topmarks. 



Task: Can you make a repeating pattern?







Literacy - We have discussed the events in the story 'Owl Babies'. Should the mother owl have left or not? We used the rehearsal room technique of conscious alley to help us decide.


Task: Tell someone whether you think the owl mother should have left or not? Why?


Phonics - This week we have learned some new sounds. They are:  j   w   z


Maths - We have continued to find ways to make 5 and extended this to 10. As a class, we have been beginning to write addition number sentences.


Task: How many ways can you make 10?






Literacy - Our new story is 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell. We have been learning some owl facts such as where they live and what their nest is made from.


Task: Can you find out any more facts about owls?


Phonics - We have been securing our knowledge of our newer sounds (k, l, u, r). The new SpeedRead sheets have now been uploaded (see below).


Maths - This week we have been finding different ways to make 5. 


Task: How many ways can you make 5?



Feel free to take a peek through the window at what we have been building out of the junk modelling material that you so kindly donated. Can you guess what it is? Can your child tell you about it?







Literacy - We have spent the week exploring the text 'This is Our House'. We have used it to help us discuss how to be kind to others and share things.


Task: Can you tell someone in your home what we have talked about?


Phonics - This week we have learned some new sounds. They are:  k  l  r  u


Maths - We have been discussing time - both day and night and our routines. 


Task: Can you tell someone what you do during the morning and afternoon?






Thank you to those who have brought in junk modelling resources. We still have need for more so if you can help out we would be very grateful. We will need these before the 25th November. 


We have had lots of WOW cards in which the children have loved sharing and hearing about. 


Literacy - This has been our last week learning about "The Three Little Pigs". We have loved this story and are now much better at retelling it through our writing.


Task: In preparation for our next book, "This is Our House", could you talk about where you live and who lives there?


Phonics - We have been trying to get faster at reading words. There is a sheet of SpeedRead words at the bottom of the page for use at home.


Maths - We have been finding one more and one less of a given number.

             We used the sentences - one more than ___ is ____   and one less than ___ is ___.


Task: Can you use the sentences above at home?







In the coming weeks we will be doing junk modelling 3D art. Please could you help us by bringing in cardboard boxes, drinks bottles and any other clean containers. (No toilet rolls though!)



Literacy - We have been retelling the story using Pie Corbett's talk for writing and Makaton signs. 


Task: Can you retell the story? What actions can you remember?


Phonics - This week we have learned some new sounds. They are: d  v  f  e


Maths - Each day we have had a different number. We then sorted numicon into more, the same as and fewer.


Task: Can you find more or fewer than a chosen number?






Please see below for information about our Culture bags.


Literacy - The book we are reading this week is 'The Three Little Pigs'. We have been acting it out and learning the phrases that the characters say to each other.


Task: Can you tell someone what the big, bad wolf says?


Phonics - We have been securing our knowledge of our newer sounds (b, h, g, c).


Maths - This week we have been comparing groups of objects. We identified which group of objects had the most or the fewest by placing them on a five frame and counting.


Task: Can you find groups of objects and identify which has the most or the fewest?







Literacy - We have finished reading 'Once There Were Giants'. The children have really enjoyed this story. After the holidays we will be reading 'The Three Little Pigs'. 


Task: Can you draw a picture of a pig and bring it in to show us?


Phonics - This week we have learned the sounds; b  h  g  c   

                We have been focussing on our letter formation (see the letter formation resources sheet below).


Maths - We extended our knowledge of sorting this week by organising ourselves into different groups (e.g. hair colour and clothing). 


Task: Can you sort your family into adults and children?






Thank you to all the parents that attended the reading workshop today! It was lovely to see so many of you there.

For those who couldn't make it, the powerpoint presentation is saved in the resources section at the bottom of the page. 


Literacy - The children have loved looking at the story so far (Once There Were Giants). We have compared the characters to our own families and sequenced pictures of growing up from a baby to adulthood.


Task: Can you remember the character's names?


Phonics - We have been consolidating the sounds; n  o  p  s  m  i  a  t  

                 We have been building words with these sounds in such as top, map, man etc.


Maths - This week we have been sorting obkects. We sorted them by their colours and other features.


Task: Can you sort your toys into groups?






Thank you for all the lovely photos that have been brought in. The children have loved looking at them and guessing who is who?


Please can you make sure that your child brings a named coat to school so that they can go outside!


Literacy - Our new story is 'Once There Were Giants'. The children have really enjoyed talking about the characters - especially the little girl.


Task: Discuss what you and your child were like when you were babies.


Phonics - We have introduced three new sounds. They are;   n   o   p.



Maths - We have counted items on pictures and discussed which has more.


Task: Can you draw 5 things?







Next week we would like you to bring in a photograph (doesn't have to be the original) of your family and of yourself as a baby.



Literacy - This is our last week looking at the story of 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'. We have been sequenced and drawn the key events from the story.


Task: Can you remember what comes at the beginning, middle and end?


Phonics - We have focused on the sounds - s, a, t, i, and m. We have practised spelling cvc words e.g. sat, mat and sit.


 Maths - This week we have been practising counting out using 1-to-1 correspondence (1 object at a time).


Task: Can you count out objects for the numbers 4, 7 and 12.





The children have all settled in really well and we have had a brilliant first couple of weeks in Reception!


Please could you check that all items of clothing are labelled as we have had some mix ups. Thank you!



Literacy - We have been learning about the story of 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'. We have been retelling the story and talking about the feelings that the characters have.


Task: Can you remember who the characters in the story are? Can you describe them?


Phonics - we have been recapping some of the sounds from the alphabet.


Maths - We have been doing lots of counting to 20 and recognising the numerals.


Task - Can you find any numbers in your house?



Culture bag

Curriculum Maps

Letter formation resources

Wow Card!