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Our Governors

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The Governing Body provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools.

Some of the key functions include:

– set aims and objectives for the school
– set targets and policies for achieving those aims and objectives
– monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making
– be a source of challenge and support to the Headteacher


The work of the Governing Body is undertaken by various committees and working groups, meeting throughout the year according to the termly Governors Meetings.  The main committees are:-

  • Curriculum and Standards
  • Finance and Premises
  • Staffing
  • Pay


Below you will find their names along with their responsibilities:


Name Type of Governor  Appointed By/Elected By Responsibility  Committees Served on  Date of Appointment Date term of Appointment ends Relevant Pecuniary interests

Meeting Attendance

for last Academic Year

Susan Geary Parent Governor Parents Co-Chair of Governors All 24/02/2016 23/02/2020 None

8/9 =


Dr Melanie Bottrill  Co-opted Governor  Governing Body

Co-Chair of Governors

Chair of Staffing Committee

Staffing and Pay 15/03/2017 14/03/2020 None

4/6 =


Matthew Harry   Co-opted Governor Governing Body   All 28/04/2019 27/04/2023 None  
Elli Prestage Headteacher n/a   All n/a n/a None 12/12 = 100%
Joe Lewis Parent Governor Parents Chair of Curriculum and Standards

Curriculum and Standards

Finance and Premises


1/1 =


Kimiko Edmunds Co-opted Governor Governing Body Chair of Finance and Premises Committee   20/04/2019 19/04/2023    
Charlotte Houseman  Staff Governor  Staff   Curriculum and Standards 08/03/2019 07/03/2023 None


Josie Olsen  Associate Governor    n/a   Curriculum and Standards  21/11/2016 20/11/2020 None

5/6 =