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Year 6 Nethercott Farm Blog! Written by Teddy:

We started our journey (almost) at around 6:45, where we loaded our bags into the bottom of the coach. We waved our parents goodbye and we headed inside. However, we didn’t move a single metre before the engine started to leak and stopped working. Typical! Anyway, we had to wait for almost 3 hours before we could even return to the coach! And when we did get back inside, we waited for almost 10 HOURS before we even stepped foot on the farm; thankfully we were entertained the whole time as basically had a karaoke night up until we got there.

When we finally made it to Nethercott, we were met with a shower of welcome! Tim and Mike, who work there, showed us our dormitories, taught us some of the basic rules and let us settle in to our new home. But before that, how could I forget our first meal at the farm! It was DELICIOUS!

The past few days we have been working on the farm (my group and I mainly shovelling manure) and on Saturday specifically, we watched The Handlebars’ remake of Shakespeare’s famous story: Romeo and Juliet. Plus, we got to meet famous author and owner of Nethercott house: Michael Morpurgo.