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Pig Party

Today, my group, Group 3, got the chance to look after some Pigs at Nethercott. First, we dressed into our overalls and wellies and made our way to the Pig Warehouse with our farm guide, Nikki. There we collected several bags of pig food and entered the Piglet’s sty. We met 11 pigs there in total, including the runt of the litter (the smallest) her name was Penelope. As I said, Penelope a runt, was the tiniest pig – but don’t let her tiny, pitiful eyes fool you, she was a feisty little Madame! We also learnt that the piglets were separated from their parents at 3 weeks old and that they LOVED their food – A LOT!


After filling up the Piglet’s water bowl with the hose, we moved on to 3 more pigs, their names were Truffle, Oreo and Fig (I know, unusual names.) They were given to Nethercott by a local farm. Afterwards, we visited Napoleon and Beetroot’s sty – they were Boars and the parents of 4 of the piglets that I mentioned earlier.


Finally, we checked up on two pigs called Coco and Marmite who were located right next to the Chicken Coops. Both pigs were rather large and loved soaking in their own wallow of water as well as getting long belly rubs – in that particular order, meaning that we got covered in mud! We were also made aware that Napoleon once sat upon a cock-crawl, flattening it! The pigs became rather interested in Bobby and almost pushed him into the wallow!


All in all, pigs are very fun and sweet creatures that enjoy attention and nice, round meals and I would be more than happy to take care of them again!