Our art curriculum aims to develop both pupils' knowledge and understanding of different artists and art forms and children's skills and creativity in making their own pieces of art. Each term, the whole school tackles one style of art, beginning with drawing and sculpture in the Autumn term, covering painting and printing in the Spring term and concluding with collage and textiles in the Summer term. 

    Sometimes, our art work links to pupils' learning in English, History or Geography (such as the WW2 propaganda posters made in Year 6 and the Roman Collages in Year 4). At other times, children's work relates to the study of famous artists and illustrators - including Oliver Jeffers in Year 1 and Olafur Elliason in Year 5. 

    Through gradually developing pupils' skills in our developmental study lessons, projects culminate in the production of high quality art work which we love to display throughout the school!