Phonics is taught through a highly structured, synthetic phonics programme called ‘Sounds-Write’. The programme teaches the skills (blending, segmenting and phoneme manipulation), concepts and knowledge needed for learning to read and write. Phonics is taught on a daily basis from Nursery up to Year Two. Sessions last between twenty and forty minutes, depending on the age of the children. Lessons consist of various tasks related to reading, spelling and handwriting. Children are taught to recognise, read and retrieve each sound.

At Alfred Salter, our Reception classes are taught the initial code, whilst Year One and Year Two are taught the extended code. Some of the main activities completed each week are: Sound Swap, Symbol Search, Word building, Dictation and Reading and Spelling. The programme is supported by both ‘Dandelion Readers’ and ‘Sounds-Write’ phonic books.

Phonics attainment is measured at the end of Year One, where pupils sit a low-pressure assessment to assess their ability to read a range of real and ‘alien’ words. Any pupils who do not reach the standard required to pass at this point receive additional catch up support in Year Two.

Below, we have attached the PowerPoint presentation from our recent Parent Workshop and more information about phonics can be found on the Sounds-Write website:

You can also sign up for an online phonics course, which will help to improve your understanding of how to help your child to learn to read. You can sign up for the free course here:



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