Pupils in Key Stage Two learn Spanish as a second (or - for many of our pupils - third or fourth!) language. 

We follow the 'Jolie Ronde' scheme of work which follows a cyclical curriculum, gradually building pupils' language skills over the four years. The children enjoy playing games, singing songs and completing written exercises to apply their knowledge. 

In Years Three and Four, we cover basic vocabulary and expressions, including colours, food, greetings and places. In Years Five and Six, we progress to expressing opinions, extending responses and understanding basic elements of Spanish grammar. 

Our aim is to develop pupils' love of language learning and to help them to see the links and difference between Spanish and English. 

Throughout the year, we also celebrate Spanish culture and other languages, particularly with our 'European Day of Languages' celebration and our annual 'Spanish day'. We are always looking for more ways to celebrate our pupils' cultures and backgrounds - let us know if you have any ideas!