OPAL -  Outdoor Play and Learning

Children spend up to 20% of their time in school at play. Changes in society such as heavier traffic, busier lifestyles and fewer areas available for play have led to 'play deprivation' for many of today's children. 

We wanted to make sure that our pupils' playtime was coherent and planned for. We therefore introduced 'Outdoor Play and Learning' (OPAL). You can read more about OPAL here:

Now, our playtimes are fun and exciting, with lots for the children to do! We have lots of games and equipment which encourages children to role play, climb, explore and investigate. We also offer organised games each day to help our pupils to burn off their energy. 

Better quality play leads to happier children and happier staff.  With better quality play opportunities, there are fewer behaviour problems, a more positive attitude to school and improved skills development and learning. As the children improve their quality of play and have more enriching play times, there are fewer accidents and classroom learning is enhanced, as the children come in from play happy and ready to learn.

In February, 2019, Ofsted commented on our high-quality playtimes: 

"Pupils are confident and self-assured. This is because adults teach them to be independent, to solve their own problems and to take risks. These skills are apparent within lessons and in the playground. The outdoor space offers high-quality provision and a range of activities: examples include a ball park, an arts space, a wildlife area and a running track. A sports coach provides structured games. Pupils also self-direct their play and use resources imaginatively."









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