Each week, children from Reception to Year Six participate in whole school singing assemblies where they develop a range of performance skills. Over the course of the year, we learn a number of contemporary and traditional tunes, challenging pupils to sing both as an ensemble and in parts. 

In class, pupils participate in lessons which gradually develop their skills in composition, performance and appreciation of music. In Early Years and Key Stage One, pupils sing and play simple musical instruments in class, often culminating in small performances. 

All pupils are given the opportunity to learn to play the ukelele and either the violin, keyboard or cello. In Years Five and Six, pupils work with a specialist music teacher to further develop pupils' composition and music reading skills. 


Many of our pupils also participate in small group or individual lessons in guitar, keyboard, cello and violin. A number of our pupils have successfully achieved ABRSM music medals to recognise their progress in violin playing. 

Each week, we host the South East base of the London Youth Choir. Entry to this choir is by audition and we are proud to have a number of members from Alfred Salter! The pupils work together to learn a very challenging repertoire, culminating both in regular  local and London-wide performances.