At Alfred Salter, our vision is that through teaching for mastery, maths becomes accessible to all. All children have the opportunity to explore maths through using concrete objects, pictorial representations and abstract written calculations. Challenge is provided for all pupils through varied questioning and open ended tasks; with opportunities for children to reason, make connections and problem solve. All children are encouraged to discuss and share their mathematical thinking on their journey to become fluent mathematicians.

We use the White Rose scheme to structure our Maths Mastery learning. We spend a several weeks getting to grips with each key topics, providing the opportunity for children to investigate deeper and to thoroughly embed their learning.

Units of work:

Each area of learning is broken down into a series of carefully planned small steps to gradually develop children’s understanding:

  • Mathematical talk and teacher questioning is used to help the children to unpick the structure of the maths and deepen their understanding. Children are encouraged to use full sentences as this supports children in thinking about and expressing the mathematics with greater accuracy.
  • Varied Fluency - using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods of developing children’s skills.
  • Reasoning and problem solving – to which children need to apply their understanding in 'real-life' scenarios.  

Individual lessons: 

Within this unit structure, each unit is then further broken down into smaller parts: 

  • Review of previous lesson whereby children are encouraged to make connections with prior learning. 
  • New learning – the teacher introduces and models new learning for the lesson and difficult points are identified
  • Guided practise – children practise the new learning guided by the teacher
  • Independent work – children practise on their own
  • Developed learning/Variation – explore the new learning in different ways.
  • Challenge extension – deepen thinking
  • Plenary - review, misconceptions, reasoning and extension

Times Tables and Mental Arithmetic: 

In addition to their daily maths lessons, pupils in Year Two and above focus on learning their times tables by heart. We use Times Tables Rockstars both at home and at school as a means of developing pupils' fluency in this vital set of maths skills. 

Home Learning: 

Each week, children from Years One to Six will receive a home learning task which will show you what the children have been learning in school and will give pupils an opportunity to reinforce their learning at home.