Reading, Writing and Maths websites to use during school closure

At the moment, due to the school closures, there are a wealth of resources available to support your child’s learning – almost too many! Here are some of the websites that we consider to be most useful. Please see the Reception page for a number of useful Early Years links. Remember that one to one learning is going to be much more intense than learning in a large class. It is not necessary for children to spend five solid hours a day working – make time for play and relaxation and look out for links in the coming weeks to other fun activities and learning opportunities which will take  your child’s learning in other directions!


Collins Big Cat reading: 

Click here for full access to an on-line library of levelled reading books from Pink to Lime level:

You will need to put in the username:

And the password:


Epic: – look on your child’s year group page for the login code. Email your child’s teacher if your child is reading below the level of his or her year group and we will set them up under an appropriate year group for their ability.

Oxford Owl: 

This site provides a wealth of information for parents, particularly focusing on the teaching of English (including phonics and early reading) and Maths.

CLPE Booklists

Create a login to this website to access excellent reading lists for a range of ages and subjects. These books could be downloaded onto a tablet device through Amazon (unfortunately, there would obviously be a charge for this).

Sounds Write phonics:

Click here to sign up for a free online course which will help to improve your understanding both of how we teacher our pupils to read and how you can help your child to apply their learning when reading at home.

The ‘initial code’ app available for iPad links to the SoundsWrite method that we use in school. There is a charge for this app but it is very appropriate for Reception and early readers in Year One.

Another phonics app that you could try is ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’, which is free.

Phonics Play: 

Phonics play have made their resources free to use!

Click here for the link:


Pobble 365:

Each day, we will be posting a ‘Pobble 365’ writing task for Years 2 – 6. This is an open-ended task with some built in spelling and grammar. If you take a photo of your child’s work and send it to your class teacher, we will send you feedback about it. There is more guidance about how to use Pobble on our English page on the Learning tab. 

Classroom secrets – the initial email from your class email included a login for this site. It features a number of grammar and maths games which would be great practice for your child!


We have access to Letterjoin online - check your class login sheet to find the Alfred Salter login for this! 


Times tables:

Your child has been given a login to the ‘Times Table Rockstars’ and ‘Numbots’ sites. Please email the class teacher if you do not have this.

This is another useful site:

Classroom secrets:

As above – this site includes a number of fun maths games.

Your child will also be set regular maths tasks on the year group page.

Other areas of learning

BBC Bitesize

The primary section of this website features useful revision resources and games linked to the subjects that your child will be taught in school.

National Geographic Geography:

This site features a huge range of articles and videos on many different topics.

Researchify: is a child-safe research engine which children can use to research specific topic. Please go to the ‘Learning’ tab and click on ‘Our Curriculum’ to find out which subjects your child has been studying in Science, History, Geography and RE. Perhaps they could find out more about these subjects?