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Learning through play at home

Posted on: 23/04/2020

If your children are six or under, one of the most helpful things that you can do (besides listening to them read!) is to encourage creative play. At the moment, there are lots of creative mums sharing their ideas on Instagram. 

Some of our favourites include: 

@athomewithflick - an Early Years teacher who is having a very creative time at home with her two boys. 

@play.hooray - another mum who is running live session at 10am each day. 

@fiveminutemum - easy and fun games to do at home. She also has a book available! 

@muddly_puddly - another Early Years teacher who particularly likes science activities. 

Of course, there is NO need to do these kind of activities at home but we wanted to share as they might help to stave off the boredom and help your children to learn at the same time! 

Please let us know if you know of any other sites that you would like us to share.