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Reading Books request!

Posted on: 22/04/2020

As you know, since the school closed, we have been recommending that pupils practise their reading through using the Epic Reading, Collins Big Cat and Phonics play sites. These are great sites and we recommend that you continue to use them wherever possible. The levelled Big Cat books are particularly useful for children in Reception and Key Stage One. However, we know that these books are not a true substitute for ‘real’ books. So – we are asking for your help!

We would like to set up a ‘book swap’ system outside the school office for pupils to come to school around once a week (observing social distancing measures) to bring back old books and to choose a new book.

When the school closed, most of the pupils took home a book from our school library or from the classrooms. We would be grateful if you could bring these books back this week and drop them off at the drop off point outside of the school office.

We would also greatly appreciate any donations of books that you may have at home which your children no longer read and which you would be willing to donate to our book swap for children who do not have many books of their own. Even if your child does not need to borrow books, we would still love to receive your donations to help those who do! We are particularly looking for books for older children, aged 7 – 11.

If you have any books to return or donate - either belonging to the school or your donations – please drop them off outside the school office over the course of this week. It would be great if you could just drop off, and not take, books this week so that we have time to sort them into different age categories.

From next Monday (27th April) you and your children will be able to come to school and sign out one book at a time to read at home.