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Year 6 Farmers

Posted on: 18/01/2022

Last week, year 6 spent 5 days at Nethercott Farm in Devon. We have a long standing relationship with the farm and the organisation; Farms for City Children. 

This year, the children enjoyed the usual farming activities such as feeding pigs, sheep and cows. Mucking out stables and grooming horses and donkeys. Gardening, which included picking ingredients for that night's meal and preparing the soil for next season's crop. On the Thursday evening, the children took part in a Wassail festival, traditional in some parts of the Westcountry where we screamed at the top of our lungs and sang folk songs to scare away a bad harvest of apples.

The children had an amazing time and not only enjoyed being part of a working farm but also getting to know each other better and working as a team. Some were also lucky enough to interview Michael Morpurgo! 

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