Advice from current parents

Tips for new Reception parents from current Reception parents!

  • Try to do as much reading as you can with your child, but don’t worry if your child isn’t picking things up as quickly as you’d like. 
  • Every child is different in settling into reception. Some will run in from day one, some will cry on occasion, some will cling to their parents for weeks! All will settle in their own time and the teachers are experts in helping that to happen. 
  • Label every jumper and cardigan really clearly!
  • Don’t buy too many items of the school uniform for day one as you may find your daughter refuses to wear trousers all year and only wants to wear pinafores!  Sainsbury’s school clothes are good and reasonably priced. 
  • Buy uniform as soon as possible as it sells out! Don’t leave it to September. The elasticated pull on trousers are brilliant.
  • Make a habit of reading the school books at a set time/ place/ day as it will make it easier especially once the books and words get longer!   
  • Talk to your child about what they should expect, how to behave and excitement of making friends early so it’s not scary to them. 
  • Don’t forget that the first few days/ weeks are hard on you (the parent). It’s not the same as a nursery. It’s a big milestone especially as you can’t see inside the school and meet everyone.  Be kind to yourself and take time to spend with them to find out everything. 

Quotes about the Reception classes from current Reception parents: 

  • "From a parent’s perspective we have been really impressed with the school and are very happy with it. The parent - teacher interaction has been excellent, especially the “learning” sessions for parents. Teachers seem very motivated and my child is enjoying his time there, which is the most important thing." 
  • "The teachers are wonderful in remembering the different needs of each of the children in their class. The teacher always listens to our questions or concerns."
  • "My child has just started Reception for a few months and she loves everything. Her teachers, her friends, she has been in school for 1, and a half years before and she looked the happiest in this Reception class. As English is not her first language, she enjoyed learning phonics so much. I am so grateful for all the teachers help for her."
  • "I have loved Alfred Salter Primary School since the first time i stepped in. My daughter made me realise then how good my choice was. She has enjoyed every single day in there. She loves her friends and her teachers so much. She is always happy to go school. Her favourite is choosing time and breakfast and after school club. She made so many friends in her class and around the school. Everyone says hello to her. She has improved so much her reading and writing and loves doing phonics too. I would choose this school again and again."

Quotes about Reception from current Reception children: 

  • Alfred Salter is the best school and the teachers are really nice.
  • If you feel sad at school just tell the teacher and they will make you feel better.
  • My favourite time at school is choosing time. I draw a lot.
  • I enjoy the stories at school and playing in the playground with my friends.
  • I like that I can now write in sentences.