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Year 6

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Welcome to Year 6


Our teachers:

Garnet Class:    Whitney 

Crimson Class: Andrew

Peggy (Cover Supervisor)

Our Class:

Year 6 is an exciting year, involving lots of hard work, but equally lots of fun! We would like to welcome parents, carers, and children to Year 6 and look forward to the year ahead.

Throughout the year we focus both on the children’s preparation for SATs and their transition to secondary school.

Our topics include: ‘Adventure Island’, ‘Friend of Foe?’, and ‘The Arts’.

Year 6 Production:


Year 6 have been working hard on our production of 'Megaball'!


Below, you will find the music and script so the children can practise at home :)

SONG 1 Just An Ordinary School Guide Vocal.mp3

SONG 2 Have you heard about Megaball_ Guide Vocal.mp3

SONG 3 Rules of the game Guide Vocal.mp3

SONG 4 Sportopia Guide Vocals.mp3

SONG 5 Winning Isn't the Point.mp3

SONG 6 Ten Out of Ten Guide Vocal.mp3

Year 6 Trip to Nethercott Farm - January 2017
Last Day at Nethercott!

Our final day here at Nethercott farm! The children woke up just like any other day and got ready for their last jobs. The weather unfortunately took a turn for the worse, but all the children braved the wet conditions and finished their duties with the same enthusiasm as when they first started. After another delicious breakfast we completed our tasks, said goodbye to our Nethercott waterproofs and got ready for lunch. Mmmm cottage pie with brownies for desert, what a great way to prepare for our village walk. Our walk leader, Kathryn, took us to the beautiful village of Iddesleigh where we entered the historic village hall. Kathryn then spoke to us about he history of the village and its connection to the famous Michael Morpurgo story, War Horse. We then stopped off in St James' church, which was built in the 17th century, and learnt how the church continues to play a vital role in the village. Once we returned, we tucked in to macaroni and cheese and started to pack for our journey home.


Then...the main event...NETHERCOTT'S GOT TALENT. For the children's final evening entertainment we hosted a talent show and saw some brilliant acts ranging from singing to dancing to comedy. It was truly a pleasure to witness these fine talents but there had to be a winner: in 3rd place was Sarah with her organ playing, in 2nd place was Tabitha and her beautiful singing but in 1st place was the dance act of Zion and Moses. A big congratulations has to go out to all of those who took part and the children are now tucked up in bed ready for the journey home. 


A brilliant day to end a brilliant week.


By Andrew

Picture 1 Our last delicious lunch
Picture 1 A walk through the village of Iddesleigh
Picture 1 Learning what school was like for village children
Picture 1 Do these look familiar...?
Picture 2 The opening from Michael Morpurgo's 'War Horse'
Picture 1 Nethercott's Got Talent! Dancing to get us started
Picture 2 ...some organ playing...
Picture 3 ...and singing...
Picture 4 ...and even some comedy!

Peggy and Janine tell their Nethercott story


Peggy and myself were lucky enough to join the Year 6 on their trip to Nethercott Farm.

Since we have arrived we have shared some amazing experiences with the children.

We have lived like a big family on the farm, we have learnt some old fashioned family values which we have all enjoyed. 

Our days have started at 7 in the morning with jobs to do on the farm, like feeding the cows and sheep, taking the horses out to graze, watching cows being milked, feeding very young calves and feeding the pigs.

We have also picked our own vegetables, cooked our own dinners and seen amazing sunrises and lucky enough this evening to see a full moon.

All groups have taken part in forest school sessions, where adults and children have made some great models out of natural materials around a camp fire.

The food has been delicious made from local produce and  loads of it! (hopefully all the activities will have worked it off).

We have also had a quiz night, a rap off battle between the children and Whitney (Whitney won), tomorrow night we are having a talent show, then packing to come back home.


Peggy & Janine






Day 6 at Nethercott Farm

Day 6 at Nethercott Farm 1 Check out the chair made at forest school today!
Day 6 at Nethercott Farm 2 Bows and arrows
Day 6 at Nethercott Farm 3 Look at us at forest school!
Day 6 at Nethercott Farm 4 Fun at forest school
Day 6 at Nethercott Farm 5 A game of scrabble to end the night!

Day 6 at Nethercott by Andras

Day 5 at Nethercott by Yayha

Day 5 at Nethercott Farm

Day 5 at Nethercott Farm 1 Ready to walk Eric out to the field!
Day 5 at Nethercott Farm 2 Cleaning out the stables
Day 5 at Nethercott Farm 3 Feeding Marmite
Day 5 at Nethercott Farm 4 Time to feed the cows
Day 5 at Nethercott Farm 5 Farm tasks - Hard at work!
Day 5 at Nethercott Farm 6 Making bread
Day 5 at Nethercott Farm 7 Check out our plaited bread
Day 5 at Nethercott Farm 8 Preparing our vegetable soup for tea
Day 5 at Nethercott Farm 9 Ready for the pot!

Day 4 at Nethercott Farm

Day 4 at Nethercott Farm 1 Early start to feed the cows and sheep
Day 4 at Nethercott Farm 2 The fire is ready for Forest School
Day 4 at Nethercott Farm 3 Look at what we made at Forest School!
Day 4 at Nethercott Farm 4 Final job of the day - feeding the baby calves

Day 3 at the Nethercott Farm by Jessie

Day 3 at the Farm

Day 3 at the Farm 1 Andras' Masterpiece
Day 3 at the Farm 2 Greetings from Nethercott
Day 3 at the Farm 3 Taking Ned for a walk
Day 3 at the Farm 4 Great views from our Sunday 2 mile walk

Day 2 at Nethercott Farm by Daniel and Jake

Having a fabulous time at Nethercott Farm. A brand new experience for us as well as the children. Today we took part in a range of activities including: Feeding cows, sheep and baby calves, walking the horses (Seb and Eric) and grooming the donkeys. We've all worked incredibly hard and have earned some delicious meals. So far we are all loving the experience. Look out for diary entries from the children in the coming days!


Whitney and Andrew

Homemade scones on arrival!

Homemade scones on arrival! 1
Homemade scones on arrival! 2

All lined up and ready for our first jobs - a good night's sleep was had by all!

All lined up and ready for our first jobs - a good night's sleep was had by all! 1
All lined up and ready for our first jobs - a good night's sleep was had by all! 2