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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Our teachers:

Susana and Sheena and Sabrina

Julett (Cover Supervisor)



Our Class:

In Year 5 we think it is important to work well together. Over the year we aim to always do our best work and are constantly striving to achieve our personal goals. 


Over the next two weeks, we will be focussing on fractions in maths. This week we have covered fraction of a number, simplifying fractions and adding fractions. After half term we will be moving on to adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators, multiplying fractions and looking at mixed and improper fractions. 


Our unit for English is the book Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. This week we have been writing a diary entry from the perspective of Hugo, using a thesaurus to up level our words and using parenthesis in our writing. After half term we will be looking at the difference between direct and reported speech and using relative clauses to give additional information. 


Thank you,


Sheena, Sabrina and Susana

This week we have been working on: