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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


Our teachers:

Emerald Class:  Diogo

Juniper Class:   Rodney




Our Class:

Year 3 is a challenging and exciting year as we are now in Key Stage 2. We are continuing our journey to become confident and independent learners.




9th October 2017


Maths: This week we have look at division, the inverse of multiplication. We have used the array method when solving number problems. The children have also looked at and used a number line, counting forward and backwards in order to solve number problems. We have continued to look at word problems, which contain both words and numbers. The children have used the same methods, number line and array, to work and and solve these problems.


Each morning we have also practised our times tables using, songs, games and written questions. We have encouraged the children to practise their times tables at home, using the number sheet we have provided.


English: This week we have been looking at the key features of instructional texts, such ranging from recipes to how to make a sandwich. The children have begun to identify these features and rate them in terms of the features they do or do not possess, such as bullet points, pictures, bossy vebs (imperative verbs) and numbers.


We have also continued with our look at the stone age and have designed miniture caves, along with cave drawings.

This week we have been working on:


2nd October, 2017


Maths: This week we have looked at different methods for multiplication. We have used arrays and number lines first, then, we have started to use the partitioning and the grid method. By the end of the week, we looked at word problems.


English: This week we started to write our own version of the 'The black dog'. We have used several techniques to get the reader's attention, such as, the use of fronted adverbials, different sentence starters, powerful adjectives and direct speech.



29th September 2017


Maths: This week we have looked at 2- D shapes and their properties. Children have identified the properties of shapes, lines of symmetry and sorted shapes by their properties.


English: This week we have started to plan our own version of the book 'The Black Dog'. We all had a book talk, used a mountain story planner and started to write own version.


22nd September 2017

Maths: This week we have looked at subtrating three-digit and one digit, along with three-digits and tens. Reforcing the understanding of place value (hundreds, tens and ones). We have also looked at subtracting two two digit numbers, using the partitioning method and empty number line. We have also looked at solving one step word problems using subtraction and addition.


English: We have continued reading our class book, looking at the use of apostrophes for contraction and possession. We have also improved sentences using fronted adverbials, adjectives and verbs.



15th September 2017

Maths: We looked at addition of two two digit numbers, using the partitioning and number line method. Where the children worked on questions similar to 86 + 43 =. These methods are illusrated in the school's calculation policy.  We also explored the vocabulary used within this area. We also looked at expanding the children's reasoning by posing open ended questions.


English: We started reading our class book 'The Black Dog', using this as the bases for describing characters, predicting what may occurs next. We also looked at the importance of grammar and punctuation, ensuring that we use capitals and full stops.


Every morning our focus is handwriting and the use of cursive script.