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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


Our teachers:

Cyan Class:          Geraldine

Turquoise Class: Tanika and Laura

Helen (Cover Supervisor)


Our Class:

Year 2 is when children blossom and grow as independent learners. Through our  topics of Heroes and Heroines, An Eye on London and Rainforests the children explore all areas of the curriculum.


There are a number of class trips throughout the year to support and inspire our learning outside of the classroom. During the summer term the children have the opportunity to go on a mini school journey to Arethusa. This is a fabulous time for everyone involved as the children experience different activities and get to showcase their talents.


PE – Wednesday and Friday



This week we have been working on:


17th November 2017


Maths: In maths this week we have been looking at using arrays and empty number lines to answer division number sentences and word problems.


English: In English we have used the story of 'Me and You ' to write a story from a different point of view.


Spellings - common exception words

         said, were, when, what, some, come, looked, called, asked, could