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Welcome to Reception


Our teachers:

Violet Class:      Roxy and Sue

Magenta Class: Alex and Rachel



About our class:


Reception consists of two classes, which have adjoining classrooms with a shared outdoor area.

Our ethos is to promote opportunities for collaboration between others to develop and nurture autonomy in a safe, secure and stimulating environment. Children are encouraged to explore and extend their individual interests through a variety of enjoyable and challenging learning experiences.

The learning environment is planned for in accordance with the Early Years statutory framework as set out in the 'Development Matters in the Early Years' (September 2012).

At Alfred Salter we value and celebrate each child's unique background and experiences. We understand and recognise the importance of working together by building relationships with parents/carers as these have a positive impact on the children's learning.





This week we have been working on:




Literacy - We have been finding out about the meaning of 'The Nativity' by sharing stories and watching short film clips.


Phonics - We have continued to quick read all the words we have learnt so far, and this week we focused on reading and writing the tricky words; I, to, go, no, put, into, the.


Maths – We introduced the concept of ‘Time’ by exploring how we use sand timers, clocks, watches and days of the week to measure time.


We have been busy rehearsing our Christmas songs in preparation for our performances on Monday 18th December at 2pm and Tuesday 19th December at 10am. The children have worked really hard learning all the songs and the accompanying Makaton signs. We have been learning the Makaton signs for ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ by watching a video by The Singing Hands on YouTube. Have fun!





Literacy – We have continued to focus on space by sharing space poems and writing a list of things we would take to space with us.

Phonics – We are continuing to recap all the previously learned sounds and words.


Maths – We have been finding out about 3D solid shapes, cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder, pyramid and cone, by identifying their properties and finding them in our environment.

How many different shapes can you find?


We have started practising the songs for our Christmas performances; Monday 18th December @2pm and Tuesday 19th December @10am.




Literacy – We have been learning about ‘Space and the Solar System’ through watching short video clips and discussions. We found out about the British astronaut Major Tim Peake who worked on the International Space Station for 6 months. The children have been writing about space and what interests them. We also introduced our first philosophy session by asking the question; What can you hear in space? The children had some interesting ideas.


Phonics - We introduced the remaining phase two words and continued to focus on all the sounds learnt so far.


Maths - We have been sorting and sharing by choosing a number and seeing if we can share it between two people. What do we notice about that number? Do we have the same amount? Is it odd or is it even?










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