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Welcome to Reception


Our teachers:

Violet Class:      Roxy and Sue

Magenta Class: Alex and Rachel



About our class:


Reception consists of two classes, which have adjoining classrooms with a shared outdoor area.

Our ethos is to promote opportunities for collaboration between others to develop and nurture autonomy in a safe, secure and stimulating environment. Children are encouraged to explore and extend their individual interests through a variety of enjoyable and challenging learning experiences.

The learning environment is planned for in accordance with the Early Years statutory framework as set out in the 'Development Matters in the Early Years' (September 2012).

At Alfred Salter we value and celebrate each child's unique background and experiences. We understand and recognise the importance of working together by building relationships with parents/carers as these have a positive impact on the children's learning.





This week we have been working on:




Literacy - We have continued our focus on ‘People Who Help Us’ by looking at farmers as people who help us further away. We enjoyed sharing the story ‘Farmer Duck’ by Martin Waddell and watching short video clips on milking times and lambing.


Phonics - We have been learning about the group of letters called vowels; a, e, i, o, u, by learning their sounds and singing a new vowel song. In our classroom we have vowel stars on display as a good visual aid to help the children.


Maths - We have been investigating and exploring 2D flat shapes by identifying their properties, similarities and differences, such as how many corners and how many sides.

What shapes can you find around you?


Thank you to all the parents who came to parents evening, your support is much valued.


Next week is half term, and we return on Monday 30th October at the usual time.





Literacy - We focused on people who help us in our community, such as dentists, doctors, nurses and vets, and the children have extended their ideas through role-play scenarios in a veterinary clinic and small-world doctor’s surgery.


Phonics - We introduced the sounds; ck, u, e, r, the high frequency words; mum, dad, and the tricky words; to, the. Every week we will continue to revisit all the words and sounds learnt so far.


Maths - We continued to look at pattern by exploring the art work of Paul Klee and the use of colour. The children have really embraced his style and created their own art work using pastels, pencil and rulers.


Next week we will be sending home individual reading books in your child’s PACT diaries. A note with instructions and advice will accompany the books.





Literacy - We have enjoyed finding out about the different people who help us in our local community, such as refuse collectors, librarians, shop workers, postal workers and builders.

Who helps you in your community?


Phonics - We have continued to revisit all the sounds learnt so far and introduced the sounds; g, o, c, k, and the high frequency word ‘and’.


In class we have been learning an autumn poem: Nut Tree by Julia Donaldson. You can find a pdf version online or find it in the book ‘Wriggle and Roar!’.


Maths - We shared the stories ‘Pants!’ and ‘More Pants!’ by Nick Sharratt to explore and find out about ‘Pattern’. The children created patterns on pant templates and explored patterns around us, such as on clothes and in nature, i.e. leaves. What patterns can you find in your home? Spots, stripes, zigzags?


We would like parents and carers to come and talk with the children about what you do as a profession or how you help your family, please come and let us know if you would be happy to do so.



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